1. Register in

Team leader submits the idea at

2. Upload Idea Information

Fill up the Information and upload relevant content if required. In order to participate in the contest, students will submit their ideas about mobile applications that they would like to develop.

Idea Submission is Closed

3. Notification of Application Status

You receive an acknowledge email and your application will be processed and within a week or two, you will receive a response. All ideas will be evaluated and if accepted participants can start with the app development.

Processing of Applications is Ended


4. Development Process

Develop the app and submit it on GitHub. For the final application submission, teams will be required to send us the following:

  • Screenshots of the working application (minimum 4),
  • Link to the short video showing feature of the application (max 3 min),
  • Application installation files (.apk, .ipa, .xap…),
  • Short description of usefulness and technical approach and tools used while developing the application (450 words max),
  • Link to the GitHub repository of the application (if the code is published online).
App Submission is Closed

Have Many Questions Yet?

You can check out our FAQ to find more about each stage, rules, ambassadors program, etc.